Win With Shrink! Shelf Space & Shelf Appeal

OrganicsRX is a specialty producer of effective, nourishing and healthy plant food. The organic, non-toxic plant food is safe for people, pets and plants. The company’s transition from labels to shrink sleeves happened for a number of reasons.

OrganicsRx had two main areas they hoped packaging changes would increase consumer lift. The shape of their jars were short and stout, took up a lot of room on a retail shelf and simply did not stand out among the crowded shelves. Additionally, when the product (a dry powder) settled, the jar looked half full despite the fact that it still contained 15oz of product.

OrganicsRx changed to a taller jar that eliminated the settling problem and enabled the company to fit more units on the shelf. In tandem, OrganicsRx re-developed the look of the packaging to pull away from competitors – simplifying the design, focusing on dynamic colors and making the switch to shrink sleeves.

The shrink sleeve transition enabled OrganicsRX to accomplish multiple things.

In terms of aesthetics, the switch to shrink sleeves allowed for increased consistency in the placement of the label, revealed less product in case it settled, and created a tight fit around the jar for a striking and professional appearance.  The switch to shrink also reduced overall packaging costs needed to apply 4 labels to their jars.

Axiom embraces the opportunity to provide shrink solutions to a market full of customers that need high quality graphics and medium run requirements. Our new shrink capabilities support this growing market segment in southern California.

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