Midas Vape

Shrink Sleeve

Midas Vape sought to re-launch their brand of e-cigarette products using shrink sleeves in order to transform packaging from clear glass bottles with hand printed paper labels that did little to set them apart from competitors adopting similar packaging and would easily smear, tear and fade. They demanded to stand out from other e-liquid bottling companies, creating a far superior looking shrink sleeve label application to market to eCigarette distributors.

Axiom is the only label manufacturer in Southern California printing digital shrink sleeves, so for Midas Vape, an Orange County based firm, the partnership was ideal!

Form: Shrink sleeves meant Midas Vape could cover a far greater surface area with graphics. Their designer created a streamlined label that would go from the top of the bottle’s neck to the base with color coded graphics for each flavor, making for a dramatic display at the retailer level.

Function: Axiom prints sleeves using PET-G, a heat-shrinkable film that combines overall shrinkage and excellent print-ability. This film is tough, but it is also pliable, which is necessary when applied to packaging with curves as it minimizes wrinkling and cracking upon application. A great added benefit to shrink sleeve labels is the fact that the printing is on the inside of the sleeve, so the label is far more scratch and scuff resistant when shipping and more fade-resistant over time.

Midas Vape developed a staggering 160 SKUs including various flavors and nicotine levels, there is literally something for everyone. The ability to meet consumer demand can pose a packaging conundrum when seeking to print 1,000 each of 160 SKUs with variable data (color and text) in order to minimize overhead and streamline inventory.

Axiom’s digital printing technology provided an economical solution for running a small quantity of shrink sleeves across a large number of SKUs as digital printing does not require costly plates and allows for literally every single SKU to be unique if need be.

Midas Vape found later that using shrink sleeves over hand printed labels made for a huge leap in operational efficiency, increasing production speeds to 10 times what they were capable of with their previous label solution.

Key Take Aways:

  • Differentiate Yourself in the Marketplace
  • Print Small Quantities, Large Number of SKUs
  • Fringe Benefits!