Memoire Perfume


An ultra high end marketer of fragrances and personal care products needed a high-end label to accent a beautiful fragrance line housed in an imported glass bottle. The bottle’s four panel design was perfect for a custom label that was not only printed beautifully on the front, but also on the back so visible when looking at the bottle straight on. This effect needed to be high end in graphics while practical in application as it was going to be replicated over four different fragrances.

Axiom not only promised excellence when printing the challenging graphics but also in the results the company would get when printing a pattern on the back.

In order to do this, the label was printed utilizing 5 colors on the flexographic press and a 4 color pattern sub printed on a clear polypropylene. The label was then off-line hot stamped, laminated, and die-cut, all with very tight tolerances.

In the end, the customer received a beautiful 10 color, 2 sided custom label with a hot stamp that showed off the beautiful fragrances in time for their holiday launch. Axiom proved its ability to think outside of the box and combine different printing techniques in order to achieve the vision of the product marketer.

Providing Custom Labels:

  • High Quality
  • High Impact
  • Reliability
  • Color Consistency