Health & Beauty

When it comes to bath and body products it is important to stand out on a shelf and eye catching packaging is imperative. From inspiration to design concept all the way to the printing press, you want your desired look to be achieved.

LaLicious designed artwork with a linen looking background and was disappointed with ink clogging and trapping issues after running tens of thousands of labels flexo graphically. The final result was not what the company had envisioned but they were told there was no way to get the look they were hoping for.

Because of Axiom’s continual investment in new printing technologies, they were able to solve the problem LaLicious was having by printing their labels on the HP6000 digital press.

Traditionally, digital printing was reserved for low quantities and there was no guarantee that labels printed digitally would match the colors of the labels that were run flexo graphically. Not only does Axiom have the ability to “fingerprint” the colors of labels run flexo and digital, but their digital capabilities have completely eliminated the issues of clogging and trapping that LaLicious experienced trying to print a very complex design flexo graphically.

Axiom’s ability to provide LaLicious with the exact look that they wanted for their brand was priceless, but so was not having to spend countless hours doing on-site press checks. Printing with the HP6000 gave LaLicious the confidence to approve label runs via PDF press proof, which saved them significant time. Printing digitally also saved the company a significant amount of money by eliminating press setup time and plate charges. With multiple copies of labels that only had color and a few text variations, this solution also gave LaLicious the flexibility to do short runs for press samples and print variable data very inexpensively.

Critical Elements in Health & Beauty Packaging:

  • Extended content labels for additional text, instructions, ingredients on small packaging
  • Materials and adhesives to withstand contact with water, oils, or chemicals
  • Color matching and color consistency from run to run
  • Perfect registration on small text and complex graphics
  • Personalization and seasonality of packaging with digital printing
  • On package promotional labels, IRCs