Pressure Sensitive & Extended Content Labels


Pressure Sensitive Labels

The name seems obvious – pressure sensitive labels mean that the application of the label to the substrate simply needs pressure to stick. These labels are typically chosen over glue labels for their smooth look.

Variable Data

Printing labels with multiple SKUs that have variable data (including text, images, colors) has become economical by printing on the digital press.

2D Bar Codes

2D Bar Codes are becoming a mainstream way to use packaging space to get more information to the consumer- whether images, copy, or the company website.

Cold Foil

Cold Foil is an affordable printing solution for creating attractive metallic effects on pressure sensitive labels.

Consecutive Numbering

Whether for inventory or security purposes, at Axiom we can incorporate consecutive and alpha numeric numbering into your custom pressure sensitive label solution.

Extended Content Labels

With new copy and multi-lingual requirements consistently being added to product labels, ECLs offer a discrete way to solve the issue of too much text without compromising the desired look of the package design. These multi-layer construction labels can be printed using existing tooling or dies on our flexo presses.

Double Sided Reveal Estate

“Mirror image” technology- printing on adhesive side allows for text or images to be seen through clear packaging.

Multi-Fold Promo Pack

This booklet comes with 3 panels of printing area and up to 13 printing colors.

Multi-Fold Tri Pack

This booklet comes with 5 panels of printing area and up to 8 printing colors.

Multi-Fold Twin Pack

This booklet with 3 panels of printing area, patterned adhesive, and up to 24 printing colors (8 colors per panel).


Providing often much-needed space for additional copy on products requiring more than one language.

Our results-oriented process provides graphic impact, product durability, and economic advantage to all of our clients and their businesses.

Need More Options?

For shorter run production requiring four color process Axiom Label recently installed a corona treater for special pouch printing on our “state of the art” HP Indigo digital press. With a 12.5” web width this is perfect for small to medium size packets, pouches, stick packs, and roll fed unsupported films.

Fast Prototyping to Medium Capacities

This outstanding option allows the opportunity for prototype to medium size digital printing as not only a cost efficient option but also a high quality option when photographic print quality is required. For Metallic materials, the HP has one or two stations for white ink to compliment the design, backing up colors when needed.

Locally or globally, for fast turnaround now or later down the road

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Our ability to offer flexo, digital, and combination printing sets us a part from our competitors.

We Handle It All

All of our services are provided by our team in-house. We do not outsource any of our work because we understand the importance of getting the job done right the first time, every time.

Flexo Printing

We offer the capability of flexo printing, also known as flexography, allowing you to print on almost any type of surface.

Digital Printing

Digital printing allows for less press setup time and in the end saves you valuable time.


Add to the distinctiveness of your labels and packaging by using our combination printing.

Industry Expertise


We understands that beverage labels must be attractive and eye-catching while also having compatible materials and inks for the manufacturing process.


Food packaging has the broadest range of labeling demands. From gourmet, dairy, in-store, and anything in between, custom food labels can be expensive.

Home Decor

Shelf appeal is critical and we have invested in state-of-the-art machines and a wide range of package decorating technologies to ensure that your products stand out.


Cosmetic professionals have relied on us to create high-impact, high-quality custom label and packaging solutions for 25 years.

Health & Beauty

Due to the highly competitive nature, it is imperative to have professional quality labels that will make your products stand out against competing products on a retail shelf.

Automotive & Industrial

We provide automotive and industrial product companies custom label solutions that account for the need to balance aesthetics, compliance, durability and performance.

GHS Labeling & Chemical

We can help your company ensure your hazardous chemical labels are GHS compliant. GHS requires manufacturers, importers, downstream users and distributors of chemical substances and mixtures to adopt the standard by June 1st, 2015.


Understanding the precise needs of pharmaceutical companies, Axiom’s SafeGuard System™ and strict adherence to cGMP ensure the highest product integrity and quality.


Our internal controls, staff training, certification, and audits work simultaneously to ensure excellence from beginning to end when printing labels for nutraceutical clients.

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Our management team has over 50 years of combined experience in the packaging industry.

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High performance labels for demanding industrial and automotive labels

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Multiple SKU and variable data printing doesn’t have to break the bank with digital label printing technology.

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Labels, Shrink Wraps, & Flexible Packaging


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