GMI Certified Printer

Axiom Label Group is proud to announce the successful completion of Graphic Measures International, LTD (GMI) certification. As a certified packaging printer we are qualified to produce Digital and Flexographic Labels meeting GMI’s high quality standards.

Graphic Measures International (GMI) certifies, monitors and measures the performance of printing/packaging suppliers, helping brand owners control variables through print facility certification and scientific, repeatable measurement of global packaging. GMI provides large name brands, such as Home Depot, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart and Target, with global packaging consistency.

The certification process is very stringent and involves on site evaluation by a GMI auditor of Axiom’s entire printing operation for Digital and Flexographic printing. This includes measuring primary colors, overprints, TVI (tone value increase) and grey balance. Achieving neutral grey balance is essential to reproducing graphics on press. The process ensures consistency from run to run and vendor to vendor. Brand owners benefit from the process by having guaranteed color consistency and GMI ensures printers follow strict standard operating procedures for all product offerings.

Axiom was able to show during this certification process that our skilled team members were able to demonstrate that the processes we execute and tools we utilize for pre- press, platemaking, press productions and post press result in a high-quality printed product. Through transparency, accountability, performance measurement and compliance, Axiom customers are assured that consistency and quality standards are our top priority.

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