The Packaging Industry Demands Better From Paper & Board Suppliers

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The Packaging Industry Demands Better From Paper & Board Suppliers

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As the food and drink industry is on the rise, so is the need for appropriate packaging. As one of many companies in the packaging industry, we are seeing a major change in what consumers expect when purchasing food and drink in their grocery stores today!

But the hidden truth behind packaging leads all the way back to the suppliers who are the deciders in what gets put on the soda bottles and food products you purchase every day.

What’s Causing This Shift?

Due to regulations and consumer demand, the way we package food and beverages is continuously changing. But how do we continue to meet these higher expectations if our suppliers are unable to keep up with demand and standards? The good news is that we are seeing more and more innovation as the years go by.

Whether the drivers of these innovations are due to environmental regulations or from packaging companies attempting to lower costs, suppliers will have to be able to create better paper and board products that fit these new trends. But what trends are causing this rift between packaging supplier and packaging seller?

E-Commerce is Changing the Packaging Industry

Not only are our suppliers feeling the pressure from packaging companies and regulatory bodies, but e-commerce trends are heading towards more home delivery straight to consumers. Packaging needs to be more durable than ever, but also be under health codes and nutritional standards.

It doesn’t matter if you’re picking your groceries up at the store or having them delivered to your home, packaging needs to be able to withstand various temperatures and surroundings. No one wants to come home to a melted chocolate bar or extremely warm milk!

Talk to Your Packaging Company About Their Supply

Packaging material suppliers will have to make serious changes in order to get where expectations are heading. Working alongside our suppliers, we believe that Axiom Label is one of the best packaging companies around as we strive to stay ahead of the curve and provide our packaging customers with the best options.

Call us today to see what options we have available for your food or beverage products!

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