How the Tiny Details Matter in Packaging

How the Tiny Details Matter in Packaging

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In the world of custom product packaging, there is a long list of details to consider. Color, size, shape, materials…there are so many small details that can be easily overlooked. Researchers thankfully have found that there is one important, small detail that matters most, your logo.

Custom product packaging professionals will argue for days over one thing. Should the company logo or the product be the focal point of the packaging design? Some say the product should sell itself and that featuring the company logo is too self-promotional. Others will argue that a brand with a stellar reputation will be better recognized by putting the focus on the logo, therefore drawing in more customers regardless of the product.

The Reality of Brand Recognition

In the consumer’s mind, brands are recognized as either positive or negative. Say you purchase a vacuum and it ended up being a mop. In the back of your mind when you go to purchase another vacuum, you will remember the brand of the last one and, when you see that brand online, you will quickly run as far away from that brand as possible.

Just seeing that logo made you remember negative memories about your last purchase. Often times consumers go with what they know. If they know about a great vacuum brand, they often return to buy from the same company they had a great vacuum buying experience with before.

Businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on branding and logo design. They work tirelessly to build that brand’s reputation and to create a trusting relationship with their customers. Why wouldn’t you use that to your advantage?

Using Your Brand in Your Packaging

As in the earlier example with the vacuum, images evoke emotions. Playing to a customer’s emotional side is a well-known and long used trick of the trade in the marketing business. A well-designed logo that is strategically placed on the product packaging is a huge score for a business.

Don’t Let the Details Get You Down

If you’re wanting to sell a product successfully, you have to be willing to think outside the box. Next time you’re in the store, stop by the products that catch your eye and see what makes you want to put it in your basket!

Once you figure out what’s most important to your consumer, give us a call to get started on your custom packaging! Axiom Label is known for providing our clients with designs that are eye-catching and perfect for their products. Choose us for all of your packaging and label solutions!

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