6 Ways to Support Our Troops During the Holiday Season

6 Ways to Support Our Troops During the Holiday Season

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As the holidays begin and you start planning different activities with your families, do you ever think of our troops who are deployed all over the world on specific missions? Have you ever thought about how they may feel during the holidays when they are not able to contact their families, let alone spend time with them? To ensure the holiday cheer is felt by all this season, especially those who are out serving our country, it should be the priority of every citizen to support our troops. A small gesture from you would let those brave hearts know that you care. Here are 6 ways to support them when they need it the most.

1. Send A Care Package

Sending a care package is a nice way to let your soldiers know that you care for them. These packages typically include toiletries, snacks items, disposable cameras and many other items that they need and enjoy. Also, within the care package you may include a special letter of appreciation to the men and women in uniform, letting them know that they are valued and remembered during this holiday season. It adds a nice personal touch that may very likely make this season a happier time for them.

There are many websites and organizations that arrange for sending care packages to overseas locations where the troops are deployed. Find one you like and share some holiday love with our troops.

Here is a list of some websites that can help you send a care package:

2. Thank You Notes

You can also send a thank you note to the men in uniform. Let them know how thankful you are for their willingness to put their life on the line to protect your country so you can peacefully enjoy the holidays. This is a very thoughtful and meaningful way to support the troops.

Here are some helpful links to get you started on those Thank You notes:

3. Adopt A Troop or Family Through The Soldier’s Angel Program

Make your soldiers and their families feel appreciated and happy by adopting a troop or military family through the Soldier’s Angel Program. With this program you would not only be able to send thank you notes and care packages, but you would also be able to communicate with the troops and their families to let them know how proud you are of them. Visit the official website of the Soldier’s Angel Program or call the headquarters if you are interested in adopting a troop or family.

Soldier’s Angel Website Links:

4. Volunteer To Serve At A Local Military Base

What could be a better way to show support than volunteering to serve our soldiers and their families during the holidays? Check with the local base and offer your services to them during the holidays. Typical volunteer activities would include working at the children camps or working at the base hospital. You should not miss a chance to serve those who are relentlessly serving your nation.

5. Send Out Gifts To The Families

So, what if men and women in uniform are not home with their families this holiday season? You can still make their families happy by gifting a Christmas tree or sending out Christmas presents to the children and other family members of the troops. By standing next to their families and sharing in their joy you will again be supporting your troops in a very special way.

Here are some links to guide in gifting a family this holiday season:

6. Let Them Call Their Homes

You could also support the troops by donating money at relevant programs that will allow the soldiers to call their homes or listen to voicemail messages that are sent out by their families. Imagine the immeasurable happiness a soldier could experience as they listen to their child, spouse, parents, and/or friends wishing them a happy holiday while they sit somewhere out at the borders protecting the nation.

Below are some links to organizations that help troops call home:
Cell Phones for Soldiers
Operation Phone Home

Here, at Axiom Label, we encourage our customers and employees to support our troops during the holiday season to bring holiday cheer to those who need it most.

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