What You Need to Know About Making the Switch to Digital Printing

What You Need to Know About Making the Switch to Digital Printing

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Digital printing has grown exponentially in the last few years. But why has it become the end-all be-all of the packaging industry? We answer all your questions about digital printing and more.

The Basics of Digital Printing

Digital printing refers to the process of printing materials for the purpose of marketing, usually with laser or inkjet printers. It is more expensive than the offset print, but it is more accurate and easier to control. If that didn’t have you sold on digital printing, keep reading.

Digital printing is faster than offset printing because traditional printing requires the production of the printing plates needed to produce a printed package or label.

Traditional Printing

Companies have realized that it is much more convenient to go with digital printing than it is with traditional printing techniques. With digital printing, you can print as little or as much as you’d like, unlike traditional printing that doesn’t allow you to print multiple packages without multiple production plates.


Reasons Why Digital Printing is Here to Stay

Digital printing has also been growing in the packaging industry because of the unlimited number of colors available to print with! Imagine how much freedom you have in terms of invention and creativity.

Interactive Printing Projects with Digital Printing

Have you ever had an idea of creating an interactive packaging design for your products but never knew how to print it? With digital printing those problems are over. You can now create any type of design you want and it will all turn out perfectly printed.

Thermo colors and electroluminescent ink have been used a lot in printing in the past. But, the new digital developments have helped these types of projects become even more interactive. There are many successful projects printed out on digital printers and they have all turned out perfect.

IMG_3169Time to Hit the Printers

Forget about the long process of waiting for your packaging to be finished. Forget about wrongly printed packaging. As technology develops, digital printing will become even more popular and convenient for all industries.

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