What Kind of Printing is Best for Your Packaging?

What Kind of Printing is Best for Your Packaging?

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Digital printing has become increasingly popular in the last few years. The packaging industry has been focused on creating innovative and creative ways to increase efficiency and has done just that through digital printing. You might be asking yourself, how did digital printing get so popular, and why?

What’s the Difference Between Digital Printing & Regular Printing?

Digital printing refers to the process of printing materials usually with laser or inkjet printers for the purpose of speed to market and order size in lieu of flexo printing. It is more expensive than the offset print, but it is more accurate and easier to control, making it a consumer favorite. It is also faster than the offset printing. Offset printing requires the production of printing plates needed to produce a print product.

IMG_3419Digital Printing & the Packaging Industry

In the last few years, printing companies have realized that it is more convenient to go with digital printing than with traditional offset printing. Mainly because the large quantity needed for traditional offset versus the ability to do individual prints with digital.

We live in an era where packaging design changes frequently. From holidays to seasons to even special anniversaries, products are dressed differently depending on where they are located and what the company wants its product to represent.

Imagine what would happen if you had to make new printing plates each time you wanted to change the design? Not only would you spend tons of money, but you would also spend a lot of time waiting for the packaging to be printed.

Worst of all, if the plates are not put in the correct order and place, the packaging might turn out with mixed colors, blurred images, or only half printed. Companies started realizing the downsides of traditional offset printing and began evolving their practices to create digital printing.

IMG_3040Reasons for Increased Popularity

Since colors are so important in today’s packaging, Pantone has introduced an additional 112 new Pantone colors, which now makes it a total of 1,867 colors you can chose from when doing digital printing.

This allows companies to change their colors and create ornate and colorful designs without having to worry about mixing colors.

Interactive Packaging

Have you ever had an idea of creating an interactive packaging design for your products but never knew how to print it? You can now create any type of design you want and it will all turn out perfectly printed.

Thermo colors and electroluminescent ink have been used a lot in printing in the past. But, the new digital developments have helped these types of projects become even more interactive.

Customization with Digital Printing

What people love most about the digital printing is the possibility of customization. You can customize your design or your product however you like, without worrying how it will turn out. It will become even more popular in the industry for selling smaller products because it is fast and easy to control. Starting from printing business cards, posters, billboards or even large scale packaging products for kitchen supplies, digital printing has it all for you.

Need to Get Your Hands on a Digital Printer?

Forget about the long process of waiting for your packaging to be finished. Forget about misprinted packaging as well. As printing technology develops, digital will become even more popular and convenient.

Want to make your packaging dreams a reality? Visit us at Axiom Label Group so we can help you create the packaging you’ve always wanted on your product!

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