Shrink Sleeve Trends You Should Be Anticipating

Shrink Sleeve Trends You Should Be Anticipating

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Have you ever seen or used bottled products from the market? Are you familiar with the branding of these products? Well then, you’ve already seen a shrink sleeve many times. Shrink sleeves are digitally printed sleeves that fit around your round products you purchase regularly.

What are Shrink Sleeves?

For instance, plastic bottles of shampoo, soap cartons, canned drinks, and almost everything that you can find in a supermarket or in your home are all products that came from shrink sleeves product packaging.

Process of Shrink Sleeves Product Packaging

The process of shrink sleeves product packaging is quite complicated. However, for people who are in business, academics, or other fields in the industry, shrink sleeve packaging has a vital role in marketing.

The process of shrink sleeves product packaging goes like this:
  1. Substrates and priming
  2. Pre-press
  3. Printing and varnishing
  4. Slitting to form uniform edges
  5. Center sealing
  6. Cutting the length of the shrink sleeves
  7. Sliding it or application on the bottle
  8. Heat shrinking

If you’re not in the packaging industry, you probably don’t understand what we’re talking about. But in the world of marketing where digitized printing and shrink sleeves product packaging are vital to your products, you ought to know the processes because this is an industry which is very much needed in almost every field.

Labeling your products plays a significant part in the world of marketing and for your potential customers who know nothing about it. The effective influence of these labels is because of shrink sleeves product packaging which influences the people to purchase the product.

Shrink sleeves printed by Axiom Label.

Shrink sleeves printed by Axiom Label.

The Future of Shrink Sleeve Trends

In the future years, it is anticipated that the shrink sleeve industry will continue to grow. As of today, the demand for digital printing escalates which is why it is considered one of the most successful industries in the world of business.

You almost never see a product without a shrink sleeve nowadays, right? Even homemade products deal with the packaging industry.

The production of every product in the world will never stop. Almost every necessity and luxury we have in today’s world is labeled. It may be unnoticeable at first, and not many people are aware of how important it is, but in the long run people learn the importance of packaging their products and for the products they purchase.

Impact of Shrink Sleeves in the Food Sector

In the years 2016 to 2026 it is estimated that the food sector’s demands for digital printing particularly to shrink sleeves packaging will continue to have a high demand.

For business industries, especially for those of you who are in the food industry, shrink sleeve packaging is one of the most important priorities that you should have. In order to be remembered by customers or clients high-quality printing is vital. Many people solely focus on the outside of the product when making a purchasing choice. Is your product packaged for your customer’s eye?

Picture taken from Photo of Jones Soda Winter Bottles (2017).

Picture taken from Photo of Jones Soda Winter Bottles (2017).

How Important Are Shrink Sleeves to Product Packaging?

People are attracted to the packaging of the products. Therefore, with low quality shrink sleeves, no matter how good the product is, it will most likely not be purchased by your customers.

The packaging of the product itself should be as good as the quality of the product is. The quality of the product and its packaging should be a tandem in order to entice more and more customers to purchase your products.

However, this is not only applicable for businesses in the food sector. This is also of great importance in the field of medicine, agriculture, education, clothing, and other sectors as well.

Which Shrink Sleeve Company Can Give You a High Quality Service?

If you are planning to have a better type of packaging for your products, it’s vital to have the best quality of labeling your products. Good packaging is proven to attract more customers than those products that have a poor shrink sleeve product packaging.

Want to Try Out Shrink Sleeves for Your Products?

Axiom Label Group is one of the best product packaging companies in Los Angeles that gives the best quality packaging and shrink sleeves. If you want to get the best packaging, just give us a call. We’re happy to help you get the highest quality of shrink sleeve while customizing it to your needs! We provide one of a kind packaging just for you!

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