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Axiom has been a valued partner in my supply chain link for the past 30 years. I have seen their advancement in core values, cutting edge technology, compliance, service level, and skill level far superior than most label companies. Most impressive of all is - the "can do" and "will do" attitude and the support of the management team that backs up the business, customers, employees, and capital to keep up with the market place.

Raj, Global Cosmetic Mfr - Glendale, CA

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Your premier label printing solutions supplier.

A label printing company since 1986, Axiom Label has been the leading innovator and supplier of California label solutions. Our labels are found on many of the leading pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, and personal care items from the Golden State and across the USA. Axiom provides solutions for your labeling needs through expertise in label design, production, application, performance and comprehensive technical support through the Safeguard System. Designed to exceed client expectations, Axiom's custom label printing provides graphic impact, product durability and economic advantage. Pricing advantages and access to materials that can be matched for performance needs are advantages that Axiom has because of its supplier relationships in the pressure-sensitive labels industry.

Axiom's current printing processes include leading edge digital, UV flexographic, foil stamping and combination printing. We are a label company dedicated to helping you find the solutions you need. As experts in package imaging, we know what it takes to make products sell. Whether it is on a product line, shipping to a retail outlet, on a store shelf, or at home with your customer, you can trust in the quality of our product to do its job.

If you need service locally or globally, for fast turnaround now or later down the road, count on Axiom Label to deliver the best!