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A label printing company since 1986, Axiom Label has been the leading innovator and supplier of California label solutions.

Our Reputation

Our labels are found on many of the leading pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, and personal care items from the Golden State and across the USA. Our current printing processes include leading edge digital, UV flexographic, foil stamping and combination printing.

Supplier Relationships

Pricing advantages and access to materials that can be matched for performance needs are advantages that Axiom has because of its supplier relationships in the pressure-sensitive labels industry.

What Are People Saying

“I would highly recommend Axiom Label Group for all your labeling needs.  Not only are the labels great quality, but the customer service has proven to be exceptional. I personally worked with their team and they were fantastic.  They were constantly accessible by phone or email, immediately addressing all my questions and requests.”

Leslie, Beverage Company
Santee, CA


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Labels, Shrink Wraps, & Flexible Packaging


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